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Judge Slays/Beats Handicap Daughter as a Hobby

In the below video you will find a most horrific video of a county court judge exemplifying demonic possession. In the video, this judge endangers the life of his very own handicap daughter by whipping her recklessly, screaming profanity, and using psychotic impulse control as a means of parenting a disabled child.


Pastor Tims: An Awesome Pastor Killed under Unregulated Mind Control and Brainwashing Conditions

Pastor Zachary Tims, a 42 years old minister of a mega church in Florida was found dead in a New York City hotel room. His funeral took place August 20, 2011. The behaviors leading to his death evidence U.S. led mind control, brainwashing, and COINTELPRO tactics.

NYC Earthquake and Hurricane Irene: Premeditated Induced Disasters

This article is about the above two premeditated induced disasters and criminals in government that have active participation in a subversive organization with specific intent to over throw the government. These public servant pay roll criminals are preparing to kill innocent people by regions under the disguise of law and via unidentified eugenic article 2-b commission members.

Examination: Christian Armor and Warfare

The Bible gives us protective shielding against demonic attacks. Do you know how to use the things God has provided for battle? Are you ready for warfare?

Analysis: The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

Why is Jesus Christ the most outstanding personality of all time? Why do people all over the world know of this man? Why is Jesus Christ known as the man who has done the most for mankind? Tonight’s Prayer Warriors Needed session will address these crucial questions. Join us for lengthy discourse on these subjects. You can listen here:, under Monday August 15, 2011.

Human rights obstructions: Electronic torture

Complicity in Genocide

Energy technology experimentation via satellite is another phrase for electronic torturing. This human research obstruction dismantles “rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Electronic torture is the criminal use of energy technology experimentation via satellite. It is a synonym for the criminal use of electronic weapons for torturing and killing innocent people. Electronic torture is currently used in the United States by criminals, known as eugenicists.