Pastor Tims: An Awesome Pastor Killed under Unregulated Mind Control and Brainwashing Conditions



Pastor Zachary Tims, a 42 years old minister of a mega church in Florida was found dead in a New York City hotel room. His funeral took place August 20, 2011. The behaviors leading to his death evidence U.S. led mind control, brainwashing, and COINTELPRO tactics.

YouTube VideoHe was a young minister that lived a life of dignity and great impact. These are two God given skills that U.S. mind control programmers envy and resent. This minister’s short life accomplishments include:

Ø  He was the Senior Pastor, CEO and founder of New Destiny Christian Center.

Ø  The focus of his life and ministry exemplified the love of Jesus Christ with a passion for helping people.

Ø  He started his ministry with only six members and today the ministry has over 8,000 members.

Ø  Under his leadership his ministry, several times a year, gives food, clothing, personal toiletries, haircuts, medical screening, and a job fair, and toys for children.

Ø  He is founder of Operation Love Outreach, a program which blessed a family with a 3-bedroom home and gave down payment assistance for others.

Ø  Under his leadership the church has also given away as many as 50 cars to faithful members.

Ø  Each Sunday, their Hope for Destiny Ministry busses in homeless and sheltered families who receive a hot meal after services.

Ø  He earned two Bachelor’s degrees, in Accounting from Towson State University, and another in Theology from Maranatha Bible College, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ø  He was awarded two honorary Doctoral degrees from Vision International University and St. Thomas Christian College for the tremendous work he has accomplished in ministry.

Ø  Pastor Tim’s Sunday Worship Services and messages are seen worldwide in over 100 million homes daily through radio and television broadcast.

To say the least, Pastor Tims was a driven man of God, a leader of leaders, an avid reality preacher and an awesome educator that reached millions of people.  Consequently, he was targeted for destruction.

It is this author’s professional opinion, based on years of research on mind control programming and based on experience,  that this exemplary pastor and teacher was targeted for destruction via deadly, ruthless, envy based, demonic, mind control programming.

For those not familiar with this type of unregulated criminal programming, please see the reference section and do your own research.

Despite the above accomplishments, targeting and brainwashing manifestations began to evidence around 2007. This husband and wife pastoral team got a divorce after Pastor Tims admitted a year long adulterous affair with a stripper.

Pastor Tim’s destroyed his 15-year-marriage over an affair with a stripper. Does this sound normal? Anyone with or without the above accomplishments, much more with four children would not end a marriage because of a stripper, particularly when the wife is gorgeous!

The second mind control programming is evidenced in the scandal that he was found dead with some white powder in his pocket. Not only is this scandalous, it is an attempt to undermine the work of God and put doubt in the millions he has positively impacted.

Both of these incidents, epitomize, unregulated, U.S. shadow government, remote mind control targeting and brainwashing.  The evidence suggests that Pastor Tims, like many other innocent people, was targeted for the U.S. unregulated remote technology mind control programming.

When you see a public figure person acting out of character, with much to lose, and particularly a person of outstanding previous character and great influence on human kind, you can assure yourself that such demeaning and scandalous behavior is U.S. Satanists led, mind control programming. Read the history of mind control programming and you will see many innocent people targeted for destruction by such. These demons have a hatred for influential, positive, God loving, clean cut leaders.

What happened to Pastor Tims was a premeditated, unregulated, criminal scam, embedded in mind control programming by unregulated Satanists that are criminals.

He helped shape the lives of millions and Satanists in the U.S. government mind control program targeted this innocent minister for demon purposes.

Despite all, the devil is a liar. Pastor Tims exemplary work is done and what the devil meant for bad. God will use for good. Mind control programming must and will be investigated and stopped and such needs to begin with the Christian community.

Satanists in the U.S. government are using criminal remote mind control technology to do the work of Satan and that is to usurp man’s authority, his free will to think and act. Satanists are using mind control technology to program U.S. Representatives, judges, and others in leadership positions to vote and make decisions the way the criminal programmers want. They are using criminal mind control technologies to create criminals, induce Alzheimer disease, and create disabled populations.

Do not let the death of this awesome minister be in vain, help stop Satanists undermine God’s work by programming public figure ministers. Remember Pastor Tims as the awesome minister he was and help ban the use of remote mind control technologies, particularly on unwitting and unknowing citizens.  

Contact your local representatives and demand them to investigate the atrocities induced by remote mind control and brainwashing technologies.  

Finally, Pastor Tims will be remembered for his exemplary work in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  He positively impacted the lives of millions and no one can change such. A heart felt prayer goes to his wife and children. Please keep Pastor Tims dreams and visions alive and do not allow another person to become victim of mind control programming. Let the devil know, this death will not be in vain.

Pastor Tims outstanding work in the Kingdom of God outweighs all demonic programming’s.


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