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Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity

Below are some key excerpts taken from a question and answer interview regarding a documentary titled: Genocide Being Worst than War. The interview is between Spiegel online International and Dr. Goldhagen’s, a genocide scholar, book author, and exemplary humanitarian. To the left you will see an excellent documentary on genocide written by Dr Goldhagen. All are urged to read the book and watch the documentary for knowledge and information most people do not have, unfortunately. He had a lovely interview with the above noted company.


Genocide Far Worse Than War

This article is about an exemplary documentary titled: Genocide Far Worse than War. This is an exemplary documentary exposing how terroristic programs kill innocent people. These assassination programs are scripted. These global genocidal crimes have patterns. One, the perpetrators of the crimes and mass murders are not prosecuted, particularly if politically aligned. Two, public protection offices are deliberately disabled under the disguise of plausible deniability. Three, the crimes and killings are prioritized, despite paper laws against such. Four, the remedy to stopping these terroristic crimes lies in exposure. This is a great documentary.

Satanism Disguised as Science:

A Gross Human Rights Obstruction

This article will discuss induced seizures, human research obstructions and the presentation of such to the Presidential Commission on Bioethics.