Live Testimonies: Presidential Commission Bioethical Issues May 18, 2011



Stop the use of federally funded human research programs for genocide, electronic torture, micro-chipping, depopulation, induced seizures, un-consented brain mapping, radiation killing experiments and end this testimony verified scientific obstruction holacaust.

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The Presidential Commission on Bioethics met in New York City on May 18, 2011. Hundreds of victims of scientific obstructions came to speak during the public comment section. They wanted to make sure the Presidential Commission on Bioethics was fully aware via live testimony of federally funded human research atrocities inflicted on innocent and healthy people without authorization.

In summary, victims of scientific obstructions talked about how science is being used to harm, kill, and destroy healthy people.

Federally funded human research experiments are being conducted in a most criminal and clandestine manner. Victims of such spoke of being tortured, mind controlled, micro chipped, electronically tortured and of being criminally put into a radiation slow kill assassination program. Federally funded scientific obstruction killing programs have no regulations, restraints and or regards for human life. Listen to the testimonies.

In many instances, medical systems are using federal funds under the disguise of neuroimaging research to microchip and brain map innocent people without consent or knowledge. Many of these unregulated federally funded research grants are being used to inflict disease under the disguise of genetics. Induced seizures are an example of such. Healthy people who have never had seizures are miraculously erupting with such immediately after being medically injected.

In addition, doctors are prescribing deadly genocidal induce seizure name aligned drugs to healthy people complaining of electronic torture via remote energy technology. Please see documentation of such at:

New York State is being criminally used to lead the criminal human research experimentation drug movement. Please see:

The Presidential Commission on Bioethics must take these affidavits and live testimonies seriously on behalf of public safety.

Victims of these human research experimentation crimes are highly encouraged to continue to file criminal affidavits with all of their state and federal officials as well as the  Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. This needs to be done until federally funded human research scientific obstruction programs are stopped across the globe.

Victim survivors of deadly criminal human research experimentation have made history by archiving and publically informing the commission charged by President Obama to stop criminal and deadly biomedical research and to advance such science in a responsible and safe manner.

It is recommended that people send in letters urging the Presidential Commission on Bioethics to set appropriate time for public comments such as a half or full day. This is needed when they are notified that hundreds of people would like to testify via their sign up email.

It is time that suitable time is set aside for people to expose this current U.S.A replicated federally funded scientific holocaust.

In closing, human research experimentation is being criminally used for mass murder, eugenics, genocide, and depopulation. This evidences that science is being criminally used for the work of Satanism. This must be made to stop.

Science must be made to be used for Godly purposes, such as for the advancement of human life and civilization and not to covertly devour and destroy mankind. Human research experimentation must be regulated, publically supervised and made to advance life.


Victim Survivor Testimonies presented at the May 18, 2011 Presidential Commission on Bioethics

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