Human rights obstructions: Electronic torture

Complicity in Genocide



Energy technology experimentation via satellite is another phrase for electronic torturing. This human research obstruction dismantles “rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Electronic torture is the criminal use of energy technology experimentation via satellite. It is a synonym for the criminal use of electronic weapons for torturing and killing innocent people. Electronic torture is currently used in the United States by criminals, known as eugenicists.

Remote energy technology experimentation  is being used in the USA to torture, disable,   create medically dependent populations, and kill innocent groups of people. Targeted Individuals are a group of innocent people who have been victimized and some killed by the unregulated use of electronic weapons on them. These electronic weapons are called directed energy weapons, microwave weapons, auditory effect weapons and electromagnetic weapons. There are more names. These are some.

 Electronic weapons obstruct one’s God given life to live free from genocidal human research criminal experimentation.  Electronic weapons are unseen to the eye. They interact directly with and destroy one’s body. They inflict severe  pain via electrical pulses. Electronic torturing can be pictured as a form of tasering and or frying the human body.  It is criminally  used to inflict electronic shocks, violent body vibrations, tremors and can be used to induce baby seizures known as febrile seizures. 

These weapons are being used on innocent people unbeknownst to many. These weapons are in the hands of criminals and are being used to criminally induce targeted individuals into the hospital for many diabolical reasons, including induced death and defraud hospital administration inoculation.

Electronic torturing or energy technology experimentation via satellite exemplifies the elements associated with the crime of complicity in Genocide pursuant to the international legal definition of the crime of genocide.

Targeted Individuals should be protected from the genocidal crimes associated with electronic torturing based on their national and religious group standing. Targeted individuals in the United States represent a set of individuals whose identity is defined by a common country of nationality. Targeted individuals around the world are protected under the Genocide laws under the religious group clause as they are a set of individuals whose identity is defined by common religious creeds, beliefs, doctrines, practices.   Most Targeted Individuals are Christian God loving people who are being criminally victimized by criminal and deadly  energy technology experimentation via satellite.

They are covered by the Genocide protection laws because inflicted energy technology experimentation via satellite kills and has killed  members of the group consistently. This includes direct killing and the unregulated criminal  use of electronic torturing has caused death.  

Criminal energy technology experimentation via satellite has caused serious bodily and mental harm including inflicted trauma on members of the group through widespread torture and sexual violence.

Criminal energy technology experimentation via satellite has deliberately inflicted conditions of life calculated to destroy Targeted Individuals. The weapons have been used to criminally create disabled populations. Electronic torture is being criminally used to stop able people from working. Electronic torture criminally, eugenically, and via genocidal medical programming,   creates disability populations by lasering, frying, electro-magnetizing, and inducing seizure like symptoms on innocent people and sometimes killing.  

This criminal human research scientific obstruction and disability programming has been used to obstruct the God given right every person has to earn an income. The obstruction of one’s God given right to earn income effectuates the deliberate deprivation of resources needed for the group’s physical survival.

To this end, electronic torturing is a bonafide and deadly human rights obstruction criminally disabling and killing innocent people. The lack of knowledge of this genocidal programming advances the crimes. For this reason this article is written to enlighten and plea for leaders to stop criminal energy technology experimentation via satellite. Electronic torturing is a silent assassination, must be regulated, and epitomizes the  use of criminal coordinated acts in science and technology to advance Genocide and Complicity in Genocide crimes. This genocide, mass murder, and eugenic disability creation  program must be  executed off of this earth.


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